Video Test…

Due to a couple of questions from students, I wanted to try a quick blog test of adding a YouTube video.  In the recent past, WordPress would NOT allow videos to be posted.  I think there was some concern of Flash Player issues.

But… here’s a test, in step-by-step format, which seems to have worked.

  • I found a YouTube Video in a separate browser window,
  • clicked the video’s “Share” button,
  • clicked the “Embed” button,
  • copied the embed code,
  • came back to my Blog,
  • created a new post,
  • when I was ready to add the video, clicked the “HTML” tab above and to the right of the tools,
  • I pasted the embed code at the end of all the HTML.

Did it work?  If so, the video should show in the next line…


About cupprof

Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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2 Responses to Video Test…

  1. Nancy summers says:

    Awesome cover of a great song

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