Reflection Resolutions…

family-christmas-2016-smallAlmost exactly 6 months have passed since my last post.  Nobody has noticed, nobody cares, except for me.  I promote reflection, thinking, and understanding in every ounce of my teaching, yet I continue to fail to type my own reflections.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a reflective practitioner, but my reflections typically don’t get posted.  Therefore, my reflections don’t help me learn as much as they should.

I hate New Years Resolutions.  I never make them anymore because I never kept them.  Maybe they weren’t realistic, maybe they weren’t with conviction, maybe they weren’t important.  I’m going to make a couple this year, one of which is to post at least once every two weeks.  Surely I can post 26 reflections of my professional life in one year, surely I can post twice a month, surely I can.

I don’t expect anyone to read this but me, I’m not posting for anyone’s approval or reading but my own.  So listen, John… post twice a month!


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Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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