Afloat… Barely.

Well that didn’t take long. I can barely keep my head above water. I thought I would stay on top of things, but here I am in the second week of classes and already WAY behind. It always soundsready, teaching online classes, but it isn’t. At least it isn’t the way I do it. Why do I assign so many blogs and reflections?  If any of my students are out there reading this, please tell me those assignments are worth the time and effort. And please tell me if they are not!


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Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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  1. I had one other online class from Clarion, about 5+ years ago. Bad experience and discouraged me from taking any other online classes…until now- this one, ED 610, Summer II. And although it is just starting, I have already benefitted from the discussions and blog posts. It is fascinating to read about other people who are in the same boat that I’m in…teaching, have a family, maybe some kids, and trying to further their educational careers, omne class ata atime. So yes, it is worth it…and thanks.

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