Spring 2016

JohnAlthough it’s currently 9°F, I am thinking about the Spring 2016 semester.  The semester begins in a few short days and many changes are on the horizon.

For ECH 415: Teaching and Learning Mathematics: Grades 1-4, I plan to delve deeply into Mathematical Mindsets.  Mindsets are a relatively new-to-me philosophy that focuses on the research that shows that a brain can learn new things quickly.  The belief that a person has a math-brain or doesn’t have a math-brain are false.  I have always felt this was true, but research I am reviewing shows that there are some exciting things happening to make mathematics education exciting.

For ED 417: Teaching with Technology, I am planning to focus again on topics that have proven valuable for teacher candidates.  Hopefully, introducing Google Classroom will add to the Online Presence, Presentations, web design, and SMART content.

For ED 610: Mobile Educational Technology, I will be reviewing new apps and content, all while focusing on the same modules as in the past.  ED 610 is great fun and I want it to stay that way.  Students discover and share wonderful resources in this class.

Spring 2016 should be a productive semester and a few other projects are in the works.  Blogging will be a struggle, as always.  But coming back to WordPress after a long hiatus seems to be a wise decision.

Here’s a quick little review of who Dr. McCullough is… using a wonderful app called HaikuDeck.   Don’t be afraid to explore Haiku Deck.  It can be used on a desktop or laptop computer, but it really shines when you use it on a smartphone or tablet.  I prefer it over PowerPoint for simple, elegant presentations.  The “Deck” I have posted below is text and visual, no audio.  Enjoy!


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Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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