A New Semester Begins…

After a hiatus from blogging with WordPress, I’m back.  I’ve tried several other blogging platforms on several occasions, but I always come back to WordPress.  I find myself always missing the ability to customize posts in the WordPress way.  So, after six or seven months of trying other platforms, I’m ready to stay with old faithful.

As I write this, my mind is focused on the upcoming semester.  It’s hard to believe that the “Spring” semester is beginning in just a few days.  But the thing that is even harder to believe is that it’s Spring 2015.  I remember so clearly picking up the phone at about 12:01am on January 1, 2000 to see if the Y2K bug had killed our infrastructure.  That was 15 years ago?  My goodness, how technology has changed during this time.

In those days I was teaching ED 217, a cutting-edge technology course for educators.  We explored futuristic devices like CDs, DVDs and the World Wide Web.  We were talking about how the internet may someday be available for everyone.  There were no iPods, no iTunes, no cellphones with cameras.  The changes since then are mind-blowing.

As the Spring 2015 semester begins, the technologies we are exploring will likely be gone in just few short years, replaced by unimaginable new devices.  Where do you think we are headed?


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1 Response to A New Semester Begins…

  1. renelace says:

    Yes Since the early 1960’s when I was a young lad things have changed! Oh my they have changed! But the change in communication devises is phenomenal. I would love to see where we will be at in the 2060’s.

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