QR Codes

I’m having some fun experimenting with QR Codes as they relate to my upcoming classes.  I imagine many folks have smartphones that can read QR Codes, but do they know how to use them?  And if they do, does anyone really care?  Are they more convenient?  Well, just to play, here is a QR Code of my contact information that I will be placing in my syllabus.  Enjoy!

Contact Info QR Code

A QR Code of my contact information


About cupprof

Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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2 Responses to QR Codes

  1. Lauren says:

    What? This is awesome! Can I please steal this idea? Where did you find out how to set one of this up?


  2. cupprof says:

    Lauren… Steal away! I set mine up using tagmydoc.com. It creates the code for a file There are many others that code links and addresses. My current QR Code reader/creator is the RedLaser app on my iPhone.

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