Second Week Excited

The first week of ED 620 was SO much fun.  As I’ve posted before, a one-year sabbatical has just ended and getting back to the classroom was bitter sweet.  I was not concerned about whether I could still teach, I was concerned that it had been so long, maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore.

What a tremendous pleasure it was to follow all the new students’ discussions and blogs.  I try and be very quiet the first couple weeks of an online course.  Students possibly question whether I’m participating, but I try and stand back and see how things unfold.  This week will be another quiet one for me.

Unfortunately, teaching another course in addition to ED 620 at the same time, which meets face-to-face seems to be hogging all my time.

However, I am “Second Week Excited.”  Partly because the first week was so much fun, partly because the second week is just beginning.  Time will tell…


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Husband, father, grandfather, professor, outdoorsman, photographer, and perpetual deck builder.
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